Lieutenant Winslow Samuels was the second in command of the Los Angeles Police Department's Open-Unsolved Unit as of 2014. He is an administrator who has never worked as a detective. He appears to dislike Harry Bosch and has assumed the role of nemesis formerly played by Irvin Irving.

In 2014 when Bosch and Lucia Soto were investigating the death of Orlando Merced, Samuels wanted to take them off the case and have them move on to something easier to clear. When former mayor Armando Zeyas offered a reward of $50,000 for information about the Merced shooting, Samuels initially refused to provide any assistance with answering phones. After Bosch had all the calls referred to Samuels, he relented and provided staff to take calls, but it was clear that he resented what Bosch had done.

At the conclusion of the Merced case, Samuels confronted Bosch with a surveillance video showing Bosch breaking into Captain Gandle's office. Samuels took Bosch's gun and badge and placed him on suspension pending an internal investigation.


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