Western Data Consultants, also known by its employees as the Farm, is a data-security firm that was founded in 2005 and is located on McKellips Road in Mesa, Arizona.

Declan McGinnis created the company and served as the CEO until May of 2009, while Wesley Carver worked as the firm's chief computer technician. Other employees of the firm included Yolanda Chavez, Geneva, Mizzou, Freddy Stone, Danny O'Connor, and Kurt.

The firm specialized in providing secure data storage for businesses. Each client had its own dedicated server, and WDC had in its facility nearly 1,000 servers in forty towers. Their clients included a number of law firms such as Mercer and Gissal. Among its security measures, the facility was equipped with biometric scanners, numerous video cameras, and VESDA fire suppression system. Despite the company's reputation for security, it had catastrophic breaches in its security due to its employees.


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