Thomas Rex "T. Rex" Garland is the father of Anthony Garland, the owner of GO! Industries, and a resident of Hancock Park, Los Angeles.

Beginning in 1993 when his son was a suspect in the murder of Marie Gesto, T. Rex paid for his son to have top-notch legal representation. He was able to get a restraining order against Harry Bosch to prevent further questioning.

In 2006, he was approached by Abel Pratt with a plan to get serial killer Raynard Waits to confess to the Gesto murder and put detective Harry Bosch off the pursuit. T. Rex agreed to the plan and paid Pratt $1 million dollars to make it happen. It did not work out as planned. Anthony shot and killed Pratt and was then killed by FBI agents. T. Rex was presumably arrested and tried for his crimes.


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