"The Magic Castle"
Season 1, Episode 9
Release date February 13, 2015
Written by Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider
Directed by Alex Zakrzewski
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"High Low"
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"Us and Them"

"The Magic Castle" is the ninth episode of the first season of Bosch. It premiered on Amazon Instant Video and LOVEFiLM on 13 February 2015.



At the police station, Detective Bosch arrives to find a gaggle of reports at the gate, and suggests that they speak with Nate Tyler for the details on the murder of Monica Reynolds. Inside, Detectives Rider and Johnson update Bosch on the Reynolds investigation, explaining that they are pulling security footage from a warehouse across the street from the crime scene, and Rider questions why Waits would stage the murder.

In a classroom, the watch commander announces that the patrol officers will be reviewing penal code sections relating to the laws of arrest. Detective Edgar arrives moments later and informs the officers that Johnny Stokes is the lead suspect in the Delacroix case; Officer Pimentel blames Bosch for releasing Stokes, and Officer Edgewood questions whether Stokes can be charged for a crime he committed while a juvenile, but Edgar instructs the officers to bring in the suspect while passing out photographs of Stokes.

Act OneEdit

In the squadroom, Bosch reads through his mother's case file as Edgar informs him that he spoke with the patrol officers. Moments later, Brasher delivers a pack of files, information the detectives that Lt. Billets wants them to update their personnel packages. Bosch visits with Billets to express his annoyance at Brasher's assignment, but Billets advises the detective that he could face repercussions if Brasher decides to file a complaint against him.

That night, officers canvass the streets of Los Angeles, missing Stokes as he avoids them.

Elsewhere, Bosch arrives at a bar to meet with Billets, who questions why Lt. Pounds dislikes the detective so much. Bosch orders a Fat Tire and Billets orders a rye drink, and Bosch explains that Pounds had been his supervisor before being promoted; Billets then admits to engaging in a relationship with a colleague, and confesses that she was hard on Bosch for his indiscretions because she was mad at herself for her own.

Outside, Bosch receives a phone call from Waits, who claims that although he will miss his conversations with Bosch, it is time for him to "go away." Bosch asks if Waits will retreat to his "magic castle," revealing that he knows about Waits's pseudonym and about Waits's time at McClaren. He also reveals that he knows how Waits found out about Arthur's San Diego Aquarium badge, and claims that the police are closer than Waits thinks.

The next morning at the police station, Rider shows Edgar and Bosch a photograph of Waits's stolen van from the warehouse security camera that reveals a license plate was taken from a car parked in long-term storage at Los Angeles International Airport, and Johnson explains that he and Rider still have hundreds of McClaren files to look through.

On a city street near Echo Park, Waits encounters a young mother and her infant, claiming to have an eight-year-old of his own.

At his house in the Hollywood Hills, Bosch struggles to set up Skype on his laptop as his daughter talks him through the process until he connects a video call to her. They discuss Maddie's car accident, and Bosch assures his daughter that she can visit him in Los Angeles as soon as he closes the Waits case.

Later that night, a jogger finds an infant abandoned in a stroller next to a minivan with its trunk still open, and discovers a note with the child reading "Raynard Waits wishes you a "Happy New Year!""

Act TwoEdit

At a New Years Eve party at the Billets residence, Officer Pierce encounters Officer Irving, who explains that he is transferring to the Planning and Research Division.

At the Saxon residence, Waits returns home and locks the garage doors before dragging the bound and gagged mother from the van and into his workshop.

At the News Years Eve party, Edgar encounters with Johnson and his wife and introduces his girlfriend before asking about Detective Moore, who will be released from the hospital the next day. Billets offers to get them drinks, then ventures into the house to the bathroom where she finds Rider, who she kisses.

At the Saxon residence, Waits drags the mother through his underground tunnel and into a chamber where he locks her to a chair. He assures her that her infant will be fine, then gives her water.

At the New Years Eve party, Bosch encounters Edgar, Johnson, Billets, and Rider before every detective in the room receives a phone call at the same moment. They turn on the television to see a news broadcast regarding the kidnapped mother, while Bosch leaves the party.

At the police station, Bosch calls Eleanor, who theorizes that Reynolds represented how society viewed Bosch's mother – as nothing more than a prostitute – while Lydon represents hose Bosch viewed his mother – "as loving and pure." She further theorizes that Lydon is still alive, and that Waits is using the woman as bait to lure Bosch into his endgame. Bosch hangs up, remembering the moment from his childhood when he saw his mother dressing in a gown.

Act ThreeEdit

The next morning at the Police Administration Building, Deputy Chief Irving watches a news broadcast concerning the Lydon kidnapping, in which Chief Tenzer announces that active officers will be place on mandatory 12-hour shifts while off-duty officers will be recalled to duty.

In the underground chamber beneath the Saxon residence, Lydon wakes in the chair and Waits offers to help her go to the bathroom in a bucket, but she begs him to let her go. Waits refuses, claiming that he needs the woman, and leaves to make a phone call.

At the Los Angeles Times Building, Nate Tyler receives a call from Waits, who claims that he was inspired by Tyler's writings on Bosch, and requests that Tyler write his story for him. Tyler agrees, and asks to record the conversation.

At a diner, Tyler meets with Bosch, explaining that he doesn't want anyone else to die; he turns his phone over to Bosch, who intends to have the conversation with Waits transcribed within an hour before returning the phone.

That night at the police station, Bosch reads the transcript for Rider, Johnson, and Edgar: "My true name will come out in due course, and it is a name that no one will ever forget. I am the only one who knows the truth. I will expose and punish the oppressors and abusers. I have built a monument to serve as a reminder of my justice. ... My mother would take me to see the Lady of the Lake. My mother would say, 'you won't always have me, but you will always have the Lady of the Lake'." Bosch explains that the Lady of the Lake is a statue in Echo Park, and the detectives surmise that Waits lives near the Park. They then split up twenty-two McClaren files that fit the profile, have the "A-C 102" notation, and connect to Echo Park. Bosch eventually finds the file of David Harris, whose adoptive mother was a French teacher, and he and Edgar head to 4518 Lemoyne Street.

On the road, Edgar informs Bosch that Harris adoptive father died of mesothelioma, and that there are no records of Harris after 1993, shortly before the first appearance of "Raynard Waits" in 1994.

At the Saxon residence, Bosch and Edgar arrive, drawing their weapons as they search the building, and aven from outside the house, Bosch can smell the dead body. Bosch eventually breaks out a window in the kitchen door and enters the house, where they find Irene Saxon's body still in her bed, swarming with insects. They head back outside, approaching the garage doors, which they find unlocked; they enter, finding Waits's stolen van, and move into the workshop before Edgar retreats to call for backup. In the workshop, Bosch spots a hose snaking across the floor, and follows it back to a wall where he discovers the entrance to a tunnel hidden behind an American flag. Bosch heads into the tunnel without waiting for Edgar to return.

Bosch follows the tunnel under the Saxon residence, stepping on bones and discovering human skulls before calling out for Waits, calling him David. Harris warns Bosch to enter alone, and the detective does, finding Harris holding Lydon at gunpoint; Harris insists that people need to know who he is because he "mean[s] something," and asks about Bosch's foster parents. Bosch admits that he had several, and Harris claims that the Saxons were a beautiful family until Harlan died, at which point he was sent back to McClaren.

From the workshop, Edgar returns and enters the tunnel.

Harris confesses to envying Bosch when they were children because Bosch defended himself. He then hears police sirens, and claims that "they" made him into a killer, insisting that he is himself "the monument." Harris then pushes Lydon aside to shoot at Bosch, but the detective fires first, killing Harris as Edgar reaches the chamber.

Later, outside, ambulance and police have arrived on the scene, and Billets informs Bosch that FID investigator Rosa will need to interview him. Tenzer arrives as the body of David Harris is removed from the garage, and Irving greets him before the two head into the residence. Nearby, Pounds orders his media liaison to convey the story that the lead that led to Harris came from the Fugitive Task Force; Billets attempts to congratulate Pounds on the apprehension of Harris, but Pounds counters that Bosch isn't out of the woods yet.

Rosa requests to examine the scene with Bosch once the detective's league representative arrives, and Bosch agrees before calling Eleanor to inform her that Waits is dead and Lydon is safe. He asks his ex-wife to give his daughter a kiss, then hangs up as he is approached by Irving, who congratulates Bosch on his good work before explaining the Harris's gun was empty – he had committed suicide by cop.






Opening CreditsEdit
  • Laura Schiff, CSA - Casting
  • and Carrie Audino, CSA - Casting
  • Jesse Voccia - Music
  • Rachel Rusch - Producer
  • Patrick McKee - Producer
  • Tom Smuts - Supervising Producer
  • William N. Fordes - Consulting Producer
  • Diane Frolov - Consulting Producer
  • & Andrew Schneider - Consulting Producer
  • Pieter Jan Brugge - Co-Executive Producer
  • Mikkel Bondesen - Executive Producer
  • Jan David Frouman - Executive Producer
  • Henrik Bastin - Executive Producer
  • Michael Connelly - Executive Producer
  • Eric Overmyer - Executive Producer
  • Michael Connelly - Based on the Novels by
  • Eric Overmyer - Developed for television by
  • Diane Frolov - Teleplay
  • & Andrew Schneider - Teleplay
  • Alex Zakrzewski - Director
Closing CreditsEdit
  • Patrick McKee - Unit Production Manager
  • Brian Faul - First Assistant Director
  • Francesco Tignini - Second Assistant Director
  • Paul Sommers - Director of Photography
  • Chester Kaczenski - Production Designer
  • Elba Sanchez-Short - Editor
  • Catherine Adair - Costume Designer
  • Erin Scotto - Associate Producer
  • Terrill Lee Lankford - Co-Producer
  • Blake Leyh - Music Supervisor
  • Tim Marcia - Technical Consultant
  • Mitzi Roberts - Technical Consultant
  • Rick Jackson - Technical Consultant


  • Bosch meets Billet at the bar on the evening of December 30th, as Waits mentions in his phone call immediately after that the next day is New Year's Eve, indicating that Waits was shot and killed on the night of 1 January 2015.


The episode has received 68 ten-out-of-ten ratings and 28 nine-out-of-ten ratings (out of 123 total ratings) on IMDb for an average rating of 9.0 out of 10.


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