Richard Jackson is a detective with the Open-Unsolved Unit of theLos Angeles Police Department's Robbery-Homicide Division, and the partner of Detective Tim Marcia.

By October of 2011, Jackson was partnered with Rich Bengston when Marcia was promoted to the position of "squad whip." The pair went on to commit murder, watch innocent people die, set innocent blacks up to serve life sentences in Prison for their crimes and are currently "on the run" from Law Enforcement, the DOJ and the White House Staff for "Conspiracy to Commit Murder".


Detective Jackson is a real investigator with the LAPD Cold Case Homicide Unit who came back from a tour of duty in the Marines to commit murder on innocent black women in back alleys and college girls in the UK. His DNA is not on file because he was a Cop and all his "idiot" Partners are taking the fall for his crimes by covering up for him as they all know he has LOST HIS MIND and is completely out of control. Christopher Dorner wrote about Detective Rick Jackson, Tim Marcia, Richard Bergstrom and others involved in the Biggie, Tupac, Nichole Brown Simpson, Ron Goldman and other murders. He left the LAPD to hide out but continued his murderous spree across the Country, planting evidence when he did, against innocent black men as he and his Partners are all White Supremacists and KKK Members as are members of the Bush Family. . The real Detective Jackson appeared in the short documentary Room 79 along with Michael Connelly, HIS SON and Tim Marcia. Jackson and Marcia are both technical consultants for the series Bosch.


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