""Queen of Martyrs""
Season 2, Episode 9
Release date March 11, 2016
Written by Eric Overmyer & Tom Bernardo
Directed by Phil Abraham
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"Follow the Money"
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"Everybody Counts"

"Queen of Martyrs" is the ninth episode of the second season of the streaming series Bosch, and the nineteenth episode of the series.

The episode premiered on Amazon Instant Video and LOVEFiLM along with the rest of the second season on 11 March 2016.

The episode is rated TV-MA for "adult content, adult language," and "graphic violence."



At the Hollywood station, John Mankiewicz and Jerry Edgar watch Veronica Allen and her lawyer on a video screen, while a news broadcast covers the shootout at the First National Pacific Bank in Sylmar two days previous and announces that Carl Nash is still on the run.

Harry Bosch enters the interrogation room, and Veronica insists that she doesn't know why Nash approached her at the bank. Bosch presses her on her association with Nash, asking which of them conceived the plan to murder her husband, but Veronica claims that the detective is fabricating a story that never happened. Bosch suggests that Layla has the money that Veronica expected to find in Tony's safe deposit box, and shows her security video from First National Pacific showing Layla leaving the bank with a backpack and a large rolling suitcase, explaining that Layla was a co-lessee on the box, which she emptied the day after Tony's body was discovered.

After Veronica and her lawyer leave the station, Bosch explains to Lt. Billets that Allen's other accounts have been frozen by the IRS because of the laundered funds they contain.

Outside the station, Veronica and her lawyer climb into a car where Veronica encounters Marks's lawyer, Marty Weiss. As the car pulls away, Veronica's lawyer informs her that Weiss has a proposal for her.

Act OneEdit

At the Omni Hotel, Deputy Chief Irving informs Bosch that he and Edgar will become part of RHD's comprehensive investigation.

At the LAPD Headquarters Building, Bosch and Edgar arrive at the task force office, where Detectives Conniff and Espinosa instruct them to continue working on Tony Allen's murder while they concentrate on finding Nash, who they believe is in the area of Lancaster and Palmdale. Espinosa explains that Bosch and Edgar will follow up on the firearms recovered from the shootout, and Conniff explains that the District Attorney is making a deal with Maureen O'Grady; he assigns Bosch and Edgar to interview her after she recovers from her wounds.

At a house in the mountains, Nash reloads bullets before changing the bandage on his thigh wound, which has become infected.

Outside the LAPD Headquarters Building, Edgar suggests attaching a GPS tracker to Allen's impounded Bentley before releasing it to Veronica so that they can track her, and Bosch suggests attaching a tracker to Veronica's Range Rover as well.

At the Allen residence, Veronica shows Weiss the strip of photo booth pictures of Tony and Layla, and Weiss explains that he will contact Layla's family in Armenia to learn if they've heard from her. Weiss offers Veronica half of the money recovered from Layla in exchange for her assistance, and threatens to leave her with nothing if she does not cooperate. Veronica accepts the offer.

At the Nickel Diner, Bosch and his daughter discuss Maddie and Eleanor's impending return to Las Vegas, and Bosch admits that he'll miss them; they then discuss Eleanor's future, and Bosch assures his daughter that her mother and step-father will figure things out.

That night, Nash visits a friend of his who is a veterinarian, and she cleans and dresses the gunshot wound to his thigh and gives him antibiotics; she refuses to ask him how he got shot, however, claiming that she doesn't own a television. She insists that Nash keep her in the dark, and the two kiss.

Act TwoEdit

The next morning, Veronica visits the LAPD impound lot to pick up her husband's Bentley.

At the hospital, Edgar receives a notification on his cellphone that the Allen's Bentley is moving along West Temple Street near North Boyleston Street.

In room 6212, Conniff, Edgar, and a lawyer attend the first interview with Officer O'Grady, who claims that she does not know Nash's whereabouts, explaining only that he would occasionally disappears for days to a location where there was no cellphone coverage. She admits that Nick Riley shot Tony Allen after she flagged Allen down on Mulholland Drive; she concedes that it was likely Riley who shot George Irving, and tells Conniff that Riley killed Arceneaux as well. She then tells Edgar that Nash was conning Veronica Allen, but Edgar questions whether it wasn't actually Veronica who was conning Nash.

At the Allen residence, Veronica and Weiss search Tony's office until Veronica finds an enveloped taped to the bottom of a lockbox in a desk drawer; inside, she discovers divorce paperwork, as well as a receipt from Thurman-Bradley Investments which she hides from Weiss.

At the office of Thurman-Bradley, Veronica meets with an investor to discuss $1.1 million worth of bearer bonds that Tony purchased; she explains that her husband bought the bonds to launder money, some of which was stolen from Joey Marks. Veronica threatens to reveal the investor's part in Tony's theft to Marks's men if he does not help her find the bonds.

At the Hollywood station, Bosch explains to Billets that Allen stolen nearly $4 million, and reveals that Veronica visited a bond trader that day. Bosch and Edgar then leave to visit Veronica in Hidden Highlands in order to attach a GPS tracker to her vehicle.

That night, Bosch arrives at the Allen residence in Hidden Highlands on the pretense of apologizing, and Veronica invites him inside; outside, Edgar, who had been hiding in the backseat, attaches the GPS unit inside the wheelwell of Veronica's Range Rover before spotting a Porsche in a secondary driveway with a Nevada license plate. He photographs the car.

Inside the house, Veronica drinks while Bosch informs her that O'Grady explained that Tony Allen's murder was planned by Nash and his associates. He tells Veronica that she may need to testify against Nash once he is captured, and then leaves the house; with Bosch gone, Weiss emerges, and claims that the detective is up to something, and Veronica agrees. The two then decide to head out for dinner.

At his house in the mountains, Nash and Catherine discuss fishing and their mutual love of the ocean before Nash offers again to explain how he got shot; Catherine insists again that he leave her in the dark. Nash agrees.

At the Omni Hotel, Bosch tells Irving that both of Veronica Allen's vehicle have been fitted with GPS trackers, but admits that RHD has no leads on Nash's whereabouts. Bosch explains that he and Edgar have been instructed to follow up on the firearms recovered from the shootout, and both men admit to considering that their actions may have led to Nash's escape. Bosch theorizes that Nash discovered that his house had been searched, and that the photographs of Tony and Layla had been found in his bedroom.

At a restaurant in the city, Weiss reveals that his associates have contacted Layla's aunt in Toronto, and learned that the woman had heard from Layla several months prior regarding a wedding. He further explains that Layla was fond of a particular church in Los Angeles: Our Lady Queen of Martyrs.

Act ThreeEdit

The next morning, at the Hollywood station, Bosch and Edgar meet with Billets and FBI Special Agent Griffin, who explains that with Marks's death, the Bureau has the opportunity to reinsert Rykov into the Armenian mob in Las Vegas. He verifies that Billets, Edgar, and Bosch are the only people who know that Rykov is a federal agent, and swears them to secrecy. Bosch informs Griffin that Marty Weiss's car was spotted at Veronica Allen's house, and questions where Weiss fits into the FBI's investigation. Griffin concedes that Weiss is deeply involved in the activities that the Bureau is looking into, but allows for the LAPD to investigate him in connection with Allen's death as well.

At the LAPD Headquarters Building, Irving learns that Chief Tenzer intends to resign at a press conference later in the day; Mayor Ramos and Jen Kowski ask the Deputy Chief to attend so that Ramos can appoint Irving as the Interim Chief of Police, despite the fact that Irving is endorsing his opponent. Irving agrees on two conditions: that the RHD be given the freedom to investigate George Irving's murder and the corruption within the LAPD, and that he not be considered for the full-time position of Police Chief. Ramos agrees.

At the Lombard Building, Bosch and Edgar interview an investor about bearer bonds; the man admits that his company does not work with bonds, and agrees to compile a list of agents who do. He then reveals that the last client who brought in bearer bonds was a priest claiming that he had received a donation of $250,000 in bonds several weeks prior. The investor explains that he doesn't remember the name of the priest or his church, but that he sent the man to Thurman-Bradley Investments.

At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Veronica meets with Father Tabakian on the pretense of planning a wedding for her daughter at the church, offering to make a donation in her late husband's name.

At the Lombard Building, Bosch and Edgar theorize that Layla paid Tabakian with the bonds for hiding her, and they agree to visit Thurman-Bradley before returning to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. As they leave, Edgar checks his cellphone to discover that Veronica is already at the church.

In his office at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Tabakian checks the church calendar before Veronica reveals that she is neither planning a wedding nor making a donation, explaining that she knows that Tabakian cashed $400,000 worth of bearer bonds ten days prior, having been given the bonds by Lilliat Saroyan. She tells the priest that Layla's fiance was also Veronica's husband, and that the bonds she gave to the church were stolen from the Allens. Veronica demands to know where Layla and the money are, but Tabakian admits that Layla has left the country and the money has already been deposited. Veronica demands that Tabakian write her a check, but the priest threatens to call the police if she doesn't leave; when the priest grabs his phone, Veronica grabs his arm.

Outside the church, Bosch and Edgar arrive and head inside, finding Veronica splattered with blood; she claims that she defended herself when Tabakian attacked her, and requests her lawyer. Bosch finds Tabakian unconscious and not breathing in his office, having been hit in the head with a paperweight, and calls for backup.

Act FourEdit

Later, after backup has arrived, Bosch and Edgar escort Veronica out of the church in handcuffs and turn her over to officers to be delivered to the Hollywood station.

At the LAPD Headquarters Building, Irving receives a visit from Connie, who congratulates him on his promotion. Irving promises "to make right on [their] son with the full force and authority of this Department," but Connie informs her husband that she hired a lawyer, and suggests that he do so as well.

At the Hollywood station, Bosch and Edgar explain that they captured Veronica at the scene of Tabakian's death, and that the evidence clearly shows that she murdered the priest, but Billets warns them not to get overconfident because cases with better evidence have fallen apart. Bosch assures the Lieutenant that he and Edgar will handle the case.

At his house in the mountains, Nash walks Catherine to her truck, suggesting that she keep her distance for a few days, after which they can take a road trip to the Outer Banks. They kiss, and Catherine leaves.

That night, at the Hollywood station, Bosch visits Veronica in her holding cell to inform her that he's called her lawyer three times without getting through. He explains that she will be transported to the female jail in Van Nuys, where she will be able to try calling her lawyer herself; he offers to call Marty Weiss to represent her instead. She reacts poorly to the suggestion, and Bosch leaves.

In the Homicide squad room, Billets, Edgar, and Bosch watch the press conference at which Tenzer resigns as Police Chief and Ramos announces Irving as Interim Chief. Bosch then receives a phone call from Annette McKay, who claims to have left a message for the detective months previously. Bosch recognizes the woman's voice, and discovers that she is a woman he once called "Aunt Nettie"; Bosch asks if he can call her back the next day, but she implores him to visit soon, claiming that she's dying. Bosch promises to visit as soon as he can.

She then claims to know who killed Harry's mother.







Opening CreditsEdit

Closing CreditsEdit

  • Mark Douglas - Co-Producer
  • Jamie Boscardin Martin - Associate Producer
  • Francesco Tignini - Unit Production Manager
  • Ian Calip - First Assistant Director
  • Kathleen D. Brennan - Second Assistant Director
  • Joseph E. Gallagher - Director of Photography
  • Chester Kaczenski - Production Designer
  • Jacque Toberen - Editor
  • Catherine Adair - Costume Designer
  • Joe Gonzalez - Story Editor
  • Tom Bernardo - Staff Writer
  • Paul Schreiber - Supervising Location Manager
  • Marc Dabe - Art Director
  • Betty Berberian - Set Decorator
  • Margery Kimbrough - Script Supervisor
  • Helen Geier, CSA - Casting
  • Tim Marcia - Technical Consultant
  • Mitzi Roberts - Technical Consultant
  • Rick Jackson - Technical Consultant


  • Tony and Veronica Allen were married on 8 December 1996.
  • Tony's account with Thurman-Bradley Investments was numbered 2BX65402-12, and was purchased on 28 March 2014 with $1,100,000 in cash.
  • The license plate on Marty Weiss's Porsche is C7Q·1A4.
  • The phone number for Cross Care Animal Clinic is 323-555-0159.
  • The license plate on Catherine Cross's Ford truck is 6Q49952.
  • At the 28:56 mark of the episode, aerial file footage of the LA streets shows cars and buses moving backwards in the lanes.




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