Kerwin Tyge (b. 1974) was a low-level drug seller who worked for Marvin Dance in Los Angeles.

On 27 December 1992, LAPD detective Tom Rickard tracked him to a rave, and called Harry Bosch because of Tyge's relation to a case that Bosch was investigating. Tyge was arrested for possession of two ounces of liquid PCP and distribution of "sherms."

When Tyge refused to divulge the whereabouts of Marvin Dance, Rickard had the kid placed in the holding cell with violent criminals overnight. The next afternoon, Bosch and Rickard returned to talk with the boy and found him beaten. Bosch made Rickard drop the arrest and release Tyge, then drove the kid back to Hollywood and bought him a week at the Hideaway. Tyge then told Bosch that he had heard that Dance had left Los Angeles for Mexicali in Baja California.


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