James "Jimmy Kapps" Kappalanni (b. 1962; d. 13 Nov 1991) was a drug mule from Oahu, Hawai'i.

He was an informant for the LAPD Hollywood Division's Broadway Anti-Narcotics Group, reporting to detective Tom Rickard. Kapps provided information on a dealer named Marvin Dance, who was arrested on 9 November 1991 for possession of narcotics. Kappalanni flew to Hawaii to pick up a shipment of drugs and returned to Los Angeles on the 13th, by which point the case against Dance had been dropped for lack of evidence.

Kapps was found on the morning of the 14th, asphyxiated by a wire around the throat, his body discarded under the Hollywood Freeway. His murder was investigated by Hollywood detective Harry Bosch, who sought assistance from BANG detective Calexico Moore.


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