Harvard Kendal was a serial killer who murdered seven women in the San Fernando Valley , all of whom were beauty shop owners or employees. He used a sharpened nail file to slash their throats, earning him the nickname of The Beauty Shop Slasher. He had previously committed a series of beauty shop arsons in Oakland in the 1960s.

Kendal's mother had been a beautician who had practiced her craft on her young son, causing psychologists to assume that he had internalized this emasculation. Police discovered Kendal's identity when they found a license plate number written by his seventh victim the day before she was killed. Harry Bosch and his partner at the time were able to arrest Kendal.

Los Angeles Times reporter Joel Bremmer wrote a best-selling book about the Kendal case, featuring Bosch and his partner, which was later made into a movie-of-the-week.


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