Fernal Gutierrez-Llosa (b. 1937; d. 17 Dec 1992) was the husband of Marita Gutierrez-Llosa, and a resident of the Ciudad de los Personas Perdidos barrio in Mexicali. He wore a blue-ink tattoo of a ghost that indicated his barrio. He was a day-laborer who took work with EnviroBreed in Mexicali, where he happened to witness Humberto Zorrillo emerging from a tunnel and was beaten to death with a shovel for what he saw. His body was discarded behind the Egg and I Diner in Los Angeles, California.

Gutierrez-Llosa was found by LAPD detective Calexico Moore on 18 December 1992. The autopsy was performed by Dr. Jesus Salazar on 24 December 1992, at which time Salazar noted a pink-dyed, sterilized fruit fly in the corpse's stomach contents, a pink-dyed fruit fly larva in the corpse's nose, and wheat dust in the corpse's ear. The investigation into the murder was assigned to LAPD detective Lucius Porter, who made a deal with Detective Moore to stall the investigation. Gutierrez-Llosa was therefore known as Juan Doe #67 for the next week-and-a-half.

The case was later reassigned to detective Harry Bosch on 26 December 1992 when Porter quit the force, who managed to determine the victim's identity and track him to EnviroBreed in less than a day.


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