Dominic "Dom" Carbone is a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department's Organized Crime Intelligence Division (OCID). As of 1996 he was about 40 years of age and stocky, with a distinctive tattoo on his arm. He has been divorced twice. His boss is Deputy Chief Leon Fitzgerald.

In September 1996, upon receiving an anonymous tip, Carbone planted an illegal bug in the office phone of Anthony Aliso at Archway Studio. When he learned that Aliso had been killed he returned to the office to remove the bug so it would not be found by LAPD investigators. He was unaware that a security camera had captured video of him breaking into the office.

He was contacted by LAPD detective Harry Bosch regarding the murder of Aliso and claimed that OCID had no knowledge of Aliso. He later visited Art Donovan concerning the victim. When Bosch and his team viewed the security video they identified Carbone by the tattoo on his exposed arm, thus implicating OCID in an illegal wiretap. At the conclusion of the Aliso case, Bosch delivered copies of the security video to the Police Chief.


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