Daniel Bledsoe was a homicide detective with the Baltimore Police Department, and the partner of John P. McCafferty. He was contacted by Susan McCafferty when she found her husband at home dead from a gunshot wound. Bledsoe went to the home and saw that it would be ruled a suicide, which would deprive Susan of her dead husband's pension benefit. Bledsoe found an apparent suicide note in McCafferty's pocket, which he destroyed. Bledsoe then fired another round into McCafferty's leg to stage the scene as a breaking-and-entering-turned-homicide before instructing Susan to call 911 and leaving the scene.

McCafferty's death was ruled a suicide anyway, and Bledsoe was fired for altering the scene of his partner's death. He became a private investigator and was contacted by Jack McEvoy in 1997 regarding McCafferty's death. He provided important information to McEvoy about the deaths of McCafferty and Polly Amherst.


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