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"Harry" is a short interview conducted by Michael Connelly with actor Titus Welliver on the set of Bosch.

The video runs 1:20.

CONNELLY: Okay. I'm here with Titus Welliver, who plays Harry Bosch. Uh, you've been into this for almost ten days; how do you, uh, feel about this character and what you're doing?

WELLIVER: I don't know about what I'm doing, but I love the character.

CONNELLY: Mm-hm. What– what makes you connect to Harry Bosch?

WELLIVER: He's– he's kind of a tormented soul. I– I have a little torment. And he's, uh– he's a guy who has conviction. Lives by a– lives by, uh, his word. He's a man's man.

CONNELLY: Cool. And can you see yourself doing this for about ten years?

WELLIVER: Yeah. I can.

CONNELLY: Alright.

WELLIVER: I absolutely can.

CONNELLY: That's the plan.

WELLIVER: Absolutely.

CONNELLY: I don't know if they told you that, but that's the plan.

WELLIVER: I'm down with that. When Harry goes into retirement, then, uh– you know, then he becomes, uh, a private eye.

CONNELLY: Alright, cool.

WELLIVER: Are you ready to write those books?

CONNELLY: Uh, yeah. I got `em all up right here. Ready. Ready to go.

WELLIVER: So now let me ask you a question.

CONNELLY: Alright.

WELLIVER: How'm I doing?

CONNELLY: I think you're doing really well.


CONNELLY: Um, I can't believe how good I feel about this. You talk about the tormented soul; there's something going on behind your eyes that's coming out in these, uh– every shot I see, you know, I'm extremely happy. Can't wait to see it all put together.

WELLIVER: I know. Me too.



CONNELLY: Alright.

WELLIVER: I really can't wait.

CONNELLY: Alright. We'll do this again in ten years.

WELLIVER: Alright.

CONNELLY: At this same spot.




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